A complete documentary record of 6 months of photographs taken each day from  approximately the same place – mainly overlooking Brighton Pier – between March-August 2014. These are  laid out in Calendar format .

Just under 10 years ago when we were about to make the move from London to Brighton a potential project presented itself to me. In the vein of two previous “obsessive” multi panel installations I have produced over the years “A Squared and Reconfigured World ” (2007) and “Postcards from the Edge” (2012). Both of these works are documented in my film/Interview https://youtu.be/v-87OfLdWq4 for my 2012 Exhibition ‘Mapping time & Space’

In this instance, the flat we were going to rent – The Albermarle – whilst we settled into Brighton life (and looked for somewhere to buy) overlooked Brighton Palace Pier from Marine Parade. As I was not going to be able to produce much whilst the domestic situation got resolved, I embarked upon one of those time honoured conceptual themes taking a photograph each day from – approximately the same place- out of the window, and on the days I was away I took a picture from whatever window of the room I stayed in. The images are from different times of the day.

So there is a complete documentary record of 6 months. When I was away from Brighton I stayed in hotels in Amsterdam, London Docklands & Coventry and various friends/family abode’s in Euston, Highgate, Battersea and Pontefract Yorks and these are all also documented. The images are documented by date and time taken (the Pier clock for the ‘home’ shots assisted me here). The format I wanted to use for the grid was that of a calendar (an idea I had been considering since about 2001), the piece would last as long as we lived at The Albermarle, for which ended up being a rather neat 6 months exactly, between 1st March – 31 August.

Having finally got smaller versions (A2) of each of the months printed out in 2016 (the larger version is unlikely to ever be made?), I worked over them using pencils and markers over and around all areas except the window parts themselves. The rough theme was to use the transition of ‘seasonal’ colours over Spring & Summer, but beyond that it was a case of stepping into the unknown. I decided to film each of the panels frame by frame – which in turn returns the work back to its original state, I:e a reflection of time its self .

Pete Mountford August 2023

Taken from: https://www.brighton-society.org.uk/the-albemarle-how-to-make-an-ugly-building-even-worse/

The Albermarle building, Brighton. All the ‘Home’ shots were taken from the second window up on the right of the first floor.