Proposal for ‘Land, Sea and Air project’

Featuring 2 of the 3 sections proposed for this show. 50 panels for ‘Flight no flight’ and ‘Sea fields’.

Flight No Flight

A 50 panel piece produced over the Summer of 2016. There have been various investigations of mapping and topography that I have visited and returned to at intermittent times throughout my artistic career. Over various discussions with a friend of mine works for the Aviation industry as a Journalist/ Consultant, about the public and private faces of aviation, images began to form in my mind . Like most people, I find that the topic of airspace is frequently in the news and in our wider consciousness, be it talk of airport expansion, airport and airline security, restricted access, concerns over military combat and destruction and so on.

Sea Fields

‘Sea Fields’  is a series of 13 digital images taken as a starting point from a sketchbook I produced around sea and Naval images for a proposed Exhibition I was planning at Sunbridge Wells in Bradford. The project had a working title of ‘Land Sea and Air’.