Twenty 20

Click here to view content from the Twenty 20 project. A collaboration between ASC Studios, London UK, and M Galleries Washington NJ USA between 2020 – 2022.


is an artist-led residency that takes a group of –usually between 10-20 – international artists on a creative journey within the commune of Atina, in Lazio Provence in the heart of Italy each August.

Mapping Time and Space 2012

My one-person show at Unit 3 Projects in London E3, featuring four wall installations. Containing my presentation on the show and a radio interview with Radio Shoreditch.

Proposal for ‘Land, Sea and Air project’

Featuring 2 of the 3 sections proposed for this show. 50 panels for ‘Flight no flight’ and ‘Sea fields’


3 bodies of work were created during 2020-22. ‘ One way special (2 for 1), The retreat to England (Deep England)’ and ‘Another piece of red’

Windows 2014

A complete documentary record of 6 months of photographs taken each day from  approximately the same place – mainly overlooking Brighton Pier – between March-August 2014. These are  laid out in Calendar format .

Curating Futures

Curating Futures is an online creative community I was involved with from the Summer of 2021 onwards (and would hope to be again in the future?). Originally set up by Artist/Curator Shannon Skye Robinson (and later joined by Co-curator Lois Emma Harkin).

Virtual Gallery – Culture Wars & other stories

This virtual Exhibition (courtesy of is in two parts , the first side of the space entered contains various components of the ongoing ‘Culture wars’ project . On the other side of the dividing wall we have my ‘Keep Calm’ series , 

PM – Maps and Glimpses (‘It’s a Brighton thing’)

This slideshow is a record of a sketchbook I made about Brighton/Hove in 2017 containing collages, maps, drawings and other fragments of ideas. At the end of 2017 the film was re titled “It’s a Brighton thing” and ran on a show reel as part of the Exhibition ‘Maps & Lives’ at The Phoenix Gallery, Brighton

Age of Uncertainty (Curated by Fion Gunn )

I‘m Featured in this virtual Group show with 6 other Artists from around the world. Put together in 2020/21 during the uncertain lockdown period, the show is a response to those ‘strange times’ and hopes “that it will encourage ideas, creative strategies and connections”.

Three of my ‘Culture wars’ works are located between 08:14 > 10:22 in the film

‘Big Pharma is watching “us”

These works Comes out of the absurd hysteria of the various conspiracy theories that reached a crescendo in the early months of 2021(and still ongoing)