I was born and grew up in London and lived there for long periods of time. I Have lived/worked on the south coast in or near Brighton since 2014. Starting my art journey when I  was 26, I did various courses (including pre Foundation/Foundation in London). Whilst studying for my Degree at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee (practising in Ceramics), I set up an exchange study for myself at an American University near New York for part of my middle year.  As a result of this I was able to go back to the same university (Montclair State in NJ) for the Masters program in the early 1990’s. Through this process,  I increased my love of ’Americana’  via  the signage and imagery around me.  I created monolithic ceramic forms  which combined with elements such as photographs , maps and found car reflector lights  explored ideas around how transit marked its presence on the landscape and as a link between places.

I moved into painting, drawing in the late 1990’s underpinned by an approach of system and chance which meant having a defined structure to work within, whilst also being able to apply endless concepts and approaches within this framework.  By associating specific colours to numbers  and appropriated these onto an existing theme in sequence

The work has followed intertwining themes of landscape, urban and socio/political culture  and  mapping since  2007 often with system and chance being the bedrock.  It has also been important for me to frequently utilise the grid, either within a works themselves or and part of multi panel piece where the narrative and dialogue between each module acts as an extra hook to engage the viewer.

I am inspired by using mixed media in my work, be that applying contact with a range of implements and on different surfaces. I find the interplay and dialogue exciting as one decision invokes another problem or direction.

Since 2019  I have i have increasingly made work that has responded to The populist turmoil  in the western world with my  ‘Fighting the Culture Wars’ series. This attempts to visually and conceptually respond to the entrenched political and social divisions in the world and the polarity between the resultant opposing forces and how this isolation and dislocation has inflicted on the human spirit