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Twenty 20

Click here to view content from the Twenty 20 project. A collaboration between ASC Studios, London UK, and M Galleries Washington NJ USA between 2020 – 2022.

ATINA Residency, Lazio Province Italy, August 2022

Click here to view content from the Atina artist-led Residency in Lazio Provence in the heart of Italy, that I attended in August 2022

Chez Holland@ 33- Artist Open House 2017

Maps & Glimpses


Age of Uncertainty (group show)

—Flight/No Flight

Radio Shoreditch interview on

Another piece of red

The retreat to England, Deep England

Big pharma is watching "us"

Virtual Galleries with Curating Futures

First  virtual exhibition ‘Arcadia’- launched August 2021

This Virtual Exhibition ‘Arcadia- Exploring the human connection to nature’ was put together by Shannon Skye Robinson in Summer 2021, Its quite a large project beautifully designed with lots of virtual rooms and curated to feature a variety of artists under different moods and themes ,which you can view here from outside the virtual gallery and go in

If you want to cut straight to my work it is featured in one of the ‘Experiences’ sections

(IM) Material

second virtual exhibition ‘(IM) material’ –Launched January 2022

“(Im)Material explores tangible and intangible concepts surrounding materials. Throughout the project, we will be developing an understanding of what material is to each of us and how we articulate it and examine it within our creative practice” .Curating Futures – mission statement

The latest project is Called (IM)material featuring a similar range of talented artists who explore how their use of material relates to their practice , @pete_mountford14 piece ( ‘I can’t breathe ‘ multi panel work from 2020) is featured on the 18th panel as indicated in the image below.

December 2021: As part of the latest workshop for our @curating.futures community under the banner of #fabric . After all, these pieces of light blue fabric (other colours are available, and patterns etc, etc) have become so symbolic in all of our lives – all over the world – this past two years, Protection , health, solidarity, anger, division, conspiracy?? its all out there. The piece is in movie format too 

I used face masks as part of my ‘Big Pharma is watching “us”‘ series (note: some of these are in culture wars section so a link can be made) I created at the start of 2021 which is my take on the paranoia of the conspiracy theorists in a wider context