Mapping time and space. Unit 3 Projects, London E3 2012

A tour around ‘Mapping time & space .This film was finally edited and completed  11 years after exhibition took place in 2012.

Special thanks to my former ASC Empson Street colleague, Silvia Krupinska for filming this and asking prompting questions (which I’ve removed from the final edit, for narrative purposes).

Below is the Press Release – I wrote, at the time –  for this show.

‘Mapping time and space’

4 wall installations by Pete Mountford

9 June – 1 July 2012

Unit 3 Projects Empson St, Bow, London, E3 3LT

 These works are all created from multi panel components that form together to create each piece.

The 4 pieces are taken from two separate bodies of work that are united in their dealing with defined geographical areas on both a micro and macro level.  Underpinning this is The Artist’s use of system, chance, sequence and an ongoing interest in modular elements that create a narrative between each component.

‘Postcards from the edge’: deconstructs the entire coast line of the mainland UK into 310 postcards made from digitally manipulated maps. The centre area is made up from 8 monochrome canvases of various (and disputed) centre points of the UK

‘A squared and reconfigured world’: Contains nearly 400 parts- documenting all the areas in the world that have squared  latitude and longitude coordinates. This epic piece embarks in four different directions at once and uses the whims of geography to re-create the work’s structure, underpinned by a variety of self imposed rules.

‘SP, edge over central’ and ‘SP Central over edge over central’: both experiment with the looking, correlation and, experience of space and time in landscape (in this case a specific landscape ‘The Silent Pool’ in Shere, Surrey) The main image is scaled up for visual impact whilst 84 others simultaneously record the journey and experience of travelling around the pool’s perimeter.

 The freedom to disobey the conventions of mapping and the traditional portrayal of our encounters with landscape opens up a greater dialogue for The Artist and – as a result – in conveying this output to the viewer. This in turn further connects these works with their ability to portray a powerful ‘fleeting’ visual impact whilst encouraging and ‘demanding’ sustained investigation over time through multi faceted construction and intertwining concepts on several levels

Here is a shorter version of the interview with me conducted and edited by Lucia Scazzocchio for the arts/culture feature on Shoreditch June 2012

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