PASSAGGI is an artist-led residency that takes a group of –usually between 10-20 – international artists on a creative journey within the commune of Atina, in Lazio Provence in the heart of Italy each August. PASSAGGI can mean ‘transition’ be that; a passing from one place, state of mind or even one phase of life to another.

For the 2022 residency  I was part of 14 Artists who took part. The line up was-:Ali Darke, Cassandra Mahoney, Christopher Simpson, Cristina Maria D’amico, Jenny Klein, Julia Maddison, Lito Aspostolakou, Marisa Polin, Massimiliano Bastista, Mary Crenshaw, Matt Scott, Pete Mountford, Riitta Hakkarainen, Veronica Shimanovskaya

When in Atina